Thursday, 25 February 2016

Introducing, Nigeria’s First Energy Price ComparisonOnline Marketplace

Finding the best bargainsfor energy products like Diesel, Cooking Gas (LPG) and Aviation Fuel can be a tough and daunting task. We are aware because we have all experienced this at some point or another. Therefore, imagine a platform that affords you the opportunity to compare prices of petroleum products based on different locations in Nigeria. Imagine a place where you can connect with dealers to make purchases of these products.

Imagine a portal that provides you with a variety of options with regards to the choice of dealer. Imagine no more because,Nigeria’s first energy price comparison platform is set to launch. is aninnovative energy price comparisonplatformconceived as a unique online marketplace for selected petroleum products like Cooking Gas, Diesel and Aviation fuel. It is also a directory for clients or consumers to locate petroleum product suppliers in Nigeria, make decisions based on price, ratings, payment plan, delivery time and easily order for the products they need.

Here’s how it works: For clients or consumers in need of the aforementioned products, you can visit the website to search for Cooking Gas, Diesel and Aviation fuel dealers, in your state, make comparisons, choose a supplier, supplier contacts you, finalizes details and delivers products.

With our directory of premium, cherry picked dealers, you can rest assured that your energy needs are met. From the comfort of your office or home you can make your choice, place your order, kick back and relax.

It’s safe, convenient, saves time and money, gives you options to choose from without the hassle of calling different suppliers and the best part is it is FREE. For Dealers,simplyvisit, register your company, provide contact details and wait for our verification process.

Upon verification, update your prices regularly,in turn clients visit the site, choose suppliers and place orders. This gives potential clients the opportunity to locate you directly from the website and allows you spend less on marketing and advertisement.

With, we have done all the work;the clients come to you instead. In a nutshell, you need to purchaseCooking Gas, Diesel or Aviation fuel or if you stock the products and need to sell them? Think .

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