Thursday, 25 February 2016

Photo: Bandits execute 12yr old boy after his parents failed to pay ransom for his release

Notorious tribes' army bandits in Wishiffana, west Libya, executed a 12-year-old boy after his parents failed to pay ransom for his release. Abdullah Dagnoush, the only son in his family, was kidnapped two months ago in front of his house in Sayad district. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of LYD 2 million as payment for his release. 
After negotiations with the kidnappers, they agreed to reduce the ransom to LYD 500.000, but the family were unable to get the money.

Since Abdullah's father couldn't come up with the money, the bandits killed the boy. They brutally tortured him, hanged him and then left his body on the road.

According to local media, Wirshiffana has become a hub for bandits and criminals, dubbing themselves the tribes' army, since their return the region, which was under the control of Libya Dawn, as per a unilateral ceasefire with Misrata's Al-Halboos and Al-Mirdas brigades.


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