Monday, 22 February 2016

See how Mr Cyril completely got rid of his Type II Diabetes after many years

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This is awesome! Congratulations to this happy family, especially to this young Port Harcourt man who had terrible chronic diabetic condition and almost lost his life in the process. But found a natural way to reverse it completely. Mr Cyril will never forget that day…

He was working overtime with one of the top  banks in Nigeria. They were  understaffed and it was Monday afternoon-the busiest day of the week. His stress was through the roof, his heart was pounding, and

………………………………………… All he remembered was receiving a deposit  slip for payment, and then feeling his knees go weak. He woke up three days later in the hospital, surrounded by his wife and 2 kids.

Their eyes were and puffy from crying.

His wife got the doctor and he gave her the news she was dreading. “Your husband  went into a diabetic coma,” the doctor told his wife. “His blood glucose level was 670mg/dl.” Believe it or not, that was the best news  he heard that day. The doctor cleared his throat like he was nervous  about telling him something.

“Mr Cyril, because your diabetes is so advanced, we’ll  need to remove your legs. I’ve scheduled your surgery for this afternoon.” It was every diabetic’s worst fear:  amputation. “I’m sorry,” the doctor insisted, “but we’ve got no choice. We can give him another 10 years to live, but we have to operate immediately.

” As his wife argued with the doctor, Cyril's short future flashed before his eyes. What about his job? His kids? His family? He didn’t  know how to handle the fact that he would be handicapped.

His wife- the angel that she is – convinced  the doctor to wait 60days before his operation. It only took 7days before he realize just how horrible the situation was. He was  confined to a couch and his family treated him like he was already dead. He kept thinking that he might as well be in a wheelchair!

Depression and fear consumed his life.

He spent hours imagining what life would be like if his diabetes would magically disappear. But he knew that was only fantasy.

Until he found this Natural Solution that has restored hope and sound health to many people. This Natural Solution is a system that lets you reverse and destroy your Type -2 Diabetes in just 30 days!

Are you like that man who just woke up one morning and realized that his world has just been shattered having heard the result of the diagnosis that he is now diabetic?

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