Monday, 22 February 2016

Want to Be Light Skinned? Get Mecran Today!

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We are all beautiful in our different complexions but studies have shown that most people find fair, spotless skin attractive. So if you want to lighten your skin, why not do it the right way?Using cheap lightening creams with dangerous ingredients like Paraben, Mercury, Hydroquinone, and Steroids can have hideous side-effects on your skin in the long run!

No wonder some people look terribly bleached, with huge breakouts, green and black patches on their face and bodies, while others look flawless! After all, all creams are not created equal!

With the right combination of studied and certified skin-lightening and skin-perfecting ingredients, you can get glowing, luminous, fair skin that will set youapart! 

The MECRAN BEAUTYSET is specially formulated in the USA with FDA approved ingredients that leave zero skin toxicity, ensuring light-skinned perfection from your face to your toes!
1-      The Mecran Strong Whitening Lotion is a potent lightening body milk formulated with Carrot oil, known for its lightening properties! With an SPF of 60, this potion will lighten and even out your skin tone, while protecting you from the darkening effects of the sun!

2-      Mecran Brightening Serum ensures an even skin tone, by effectively fading dark spots and blending the darker areas of your body! Natural ingredients like Argan oil and Carrot oil, ensure luminous and bright glowing skin!
3-      Mecran Skin Brightening Soap will effectively rid your face and body of spots, dark marks, blemishes, and skin discoloration! 

Each productcompliments the other for best results, and together they attend to all your skin lightening needs, perfecting every area it touches! Become a Mecran Beauty today!
The Mecran Beauty Set is available for purchase! Nationwide pay on delivery options are available! Visit or contact the following to place your orders;
CALL/WHATSAPP: 09085663774, 09085663773, 09085663762, 09085663759, 09085663791, 09085663779

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