Friday, 27 July 2018

My Worries about Human and the World Existence

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My Worries about Human and the World Existence

I am worried about history of man existence and how long the world existed becomes a great concern to us. We were ready to know precisely, but Scientists and historians gave us assumption in lieu of accurate time, date of how long the world and man existed. They told us the world existed for trillions of years, how we can know, if this is true.

Ooh Scientists how can you boost of vast knowledge and skills.
I like to be myself, knowing I am not the only person but part of humanity. I like to be known as a mathematician, philosopher and a poet. These relay less on time, date and season. It depends on nature, reasoning and inspiration.
I will be writing to you regularly from now, try and contribute your best for the benefits of mankind.

Best regards.
Jerry, Ephraim

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  1. I ponder quite too often how much longer our mother Earth can endure the damage and huge foot prints mankind has left on left on her. Just recently, after over 3 decades of dumping waste in the rivers around Wilmington, NC GenX as a company is under the scope of local government. Wilmington's people have known about this, wish should have been addressed 30+ years ago. As a lover of science and a weary patron of this man-made thing we know as time, a couple cliches saying boom to mind: "Too little, too late." Also, "Better late than never."

    Science does not know everything, but as part of humanity we can be the change we want to see in the world, starting with ourselves and wherever we are in the world is our walk of life.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire me!