Monday, 22 February 2016

Mayor accidentally shares screenshot of porn sites he visited

Mayor Thomas Koppl of Quickborn, Germany, posted a screengrab of the German constitution to back up arguments he was making about the Alternative for Germany party, he was probably too excited making his point he missed glaring 'errors' in the picture.

 The screen grab he posted included tabs of porn sites he had visited which include, 'Punishment Porn Videos', 'BDSM porno videos', 'German slut punished', 'HAMSTERS Gratis porn'. As is characteristic of politicians, he initially denied taking the pic saying someone else had taken the screenshot but eventually admitted that it was in fact him.

Köppl claims he first heard about BDSM when overhearing a conversation on a ski-lift in South Tyrol, where he is currently on holiday, and was simply researching it.
'I wasn't so up-to-date about that, which annoys me. They were mentioning the site 'Xhamster', and when I got to my room I wanted to get clued-up.'

He claims his internet connection was too slow to watch any of the videos and he ended up reading a Wikipedia page on Fifty Shade Of Grey, the racy EL James novel, to find out about BDSM.

But he claims the fetish is not for him, adding: 'I'm sure people who like it can have a lot of fun with BDSM. I find it rather disturbing. I have a problem with violence in general.'
One internet user however seemed to support him saying, 'Any man who claims never to have visited a porn site is a liar or has a problem with his sexuality.'

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