Tuesday, 23 February 2016

One instant tip any man can use to last more than 45minutes in bed

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By the time you finish reading this article, one thing is guaranteed—you will be able to get instant rock-hard erections whenever you want and stay hard for as long as you want no matter how old you are or the size of your genitals… this will give you truly rock-solid sexual confidence (something women love) By the way, my name is Brian Ike, the owner of www.lashgator.com, the only website in Nigeria that teaches men how to satisfy women in bed; and author of How to Give Any Woman an Earth Shattering Orgasm.

My articles have featured on this blog a couple of times (www.lindaikejisblog.com.2015/10/why-you-dont-last-long-in-bed-and-how.html?m=1) andI have helped countless men to bring their sex-drives back to life – so they can truly enjoy great sex whenever they desire. Even if they’ve been with the same woman for 10, 15, 20 years or more.

One thing is clear...

I’ve helped a lot of men to become outstanding lovers and I am willing to help you too. Even men who have lost all hopes in themselves. Men who see themselves as too SMALL, too OLD, too weak or too UGLY to ever be capable of completely SATISFYING a woman in bed.

To date I’ve shown thousands of men how to NATURALLY build their sexual power and gain total control over their ‘manhood’ – so they can get hard and stay hard for as long as they like, whenever they like, regardless of their age.

Now, it is a fact that every man who is sexually active will one day pass through a time in his life when lasting more than 5 minutes in bed will be a problem. This usually occurs around the ages of 49 and above.

Now, for some men reading this article the problem has already started even while they are still very young.

I mean, this is the exact situation majority of the men find themselves in:
·        You get romantic with a very pretty woman. Things get hot and sexy between both of you. One thing leads to another and you two are in bed tearing off your clothes
·        You kiss and touch her a couple of times in very intimate places and you are both ready for the magic to start in bed.Your ‘thing’ is already HARD and throbbing…
·        You can't wait to show her the stuff you are made of. You know for sure that you will deal with her in bed…
·        You slide in…one thrust…two thrusts…three thru…and BAM!!!You climax! You couldn’t hold it back.

You didn’t even last up to four thrusts. You came even before the whole thing started.
I mean, you can't even believe yourself. And the most disappointing part of the whole thing is that you are sure you didn’t last up to 3 minutes.

What is 3 minutes?

You know very sure that it was on the 3rdthrust that you ejaculated.

Or maybe your case is like one of my friends, Stanley who doesn’t even make it to the penetration. He climaxes even while caressing and touching his girlfriend.

Now, the most annoying part of your premature climaxing in bed is that you haven't even started enjoying the whole thing and your woman is still very excited and horny waiting for you to slide back in and continue.

But no, you can't.
And you don’t even know how to explain to her that you just ejaculated in less than 2 minutes.

Listen bro, I know exactly how it feels…
I know how disappointed it feels…
I've been in worse situations too…

I know how heart-breaking it can be especially when you have to apologize to your woman. It can be very depressing that after all said and done, you can't last more than 1 minute in bed.

You see, my man Stan is the kinda man who most people usually envy. This guy has girls at his beck and call. He literally attracts girls. This guy has a different girl every weekend in his house. The guy was good!

Now, Stan had a problem which he had never experienced in his entire life. Stan told me one night in a WhatsApp chat that for 2 full weeks he couldn’t keep an erection for a minute.

He was so scared that he went for lab tests and the Doc said he is healthy and ok. He has taken drugs, various bitters and yet NOTHING! It was on the second week when he climaxed as he was still caressing one of his girlfriends that he got really upset and he told me his problem.

Now, I don’t know exactly what your situation is, but one thing I know for sure is that 5 days after Stan talked with me and started practicing the TIPS I gave him, he started maintaining his FULL erection and by the 8th day he was getting his LONG LASTING erection and stamina back.

It cost him a huge sum of money to get my services but it was worth it. He got the solution he wanted without taking drugs. He is now a MAN again.

The reason I have taken the time to narrate all these is that I know what sexual problems like this does to man’s self-worth.

I have seen lots of men lose their respect, their dignity and their relationship because they were too shy or stubborn to seek solutions.

Most men have a strong habit of not discussing their sexual problems. When they do, they ask their friends who give them some serious bullsh*t advice and it makes their matter worse.

I want you to understand something, bro, if you have a problem like this:
·        You can't last more than 5 – 7 minutes in bed
·        You can't maintain a ROCK-HARD erection like a MAN for more than 3 minutes
·        You get an erection but it is not the VEIN BULGING, HOT type that women dream of. And in less than 2 minutes of sex it gets weak again
·        Or you can't have marathon sex. You can't go non-stop after one round of sex.
…and you are not doing anything about it then you’re only makingyour case WORSE.

I know it might be tough to admit that you can’t get as hard, or last as long as you’d like – but you have to share your problems with someone, bro.

Most men are lousy lovers and their ego won't let them admit to themselves that they have a problem. This prevents them from taking the right action by seeking solution.

Hence, they live forever with their problems and it may lead to worse conditions like IMPOTENCY or having a wife/girlfriend who CHEATS on them.

Yes. You heard me right. Weak, limb erections and not lasting long in bed can be the first signs of impotency.

And guess what?

Women hate 2-minute men.
Women who have 2-minute men either dump or cheat on them.
Women will always see you as not man enough if you don’t perform well in bed.
In fact, she won't even regard you as a MAN.

It's a fact!

But all hope is not lost. There is a LASTING SOLUTION to your problems

Now, listen real good, bro, as I lay down one guaranteed NATURAL tiP that will make you last as long as you want in bed INSTANTLY. As in, this very night!

You see, I suffered from premature ejaculation and having a weak erection for almost all my life.

In fact, I lost 2 girlfriends because of this shameful act.

It was that bad. My life was miserable!

I switched to masturbation because I didn’t have any woman in my life and I couldn’t stand the shame anymore…

I spent a whole lot on training myself—got every available video online and books on how to last long in bed (which didn’t work), I attended various expensive sex-therapy classes. I went through a lot just to become the man I am today.

Now, after 3 ½ years, I'm better. That was after I've spent thousands of naira on useless drugs, therapies and bitters (Goko Cleanser, Alomo and Yo-Yo bitters). I almost had a surgery to correct this shameful act.

Later on, I had the chance of meeting my first love again. One thing led to another and she slept in my crib that night.

By then, I had already learnt the secret that I'll be teaching you now.
By the time the ACTION started in the bedroom, she was surprised.
She screamed so much from the way I handled her that I was scared the neighbors will be disturbed from their sleep. Something I couldn’t do before.

The step is EASY, SIMPLE& NATURAL. I personally use this tip and it works like magic.

There are a whole lot of other natural ways of lasting long in bed which I explained in my former post herebut so far as my sexual expertise goes, this is the best option any man can use:

Now, here is the good news…

Are You A Man Who Wants Harder, Longer-Lasting Erections and A Wildly Exciting Sex-Life?

Do you want the kind of steel-hard erections that’ll make any woman hot, wetand horny – and have her whipping her panties off, BEGGING you to “screw her brains out?”

If you do, read on carefully...

"Secrets to Rock-Hard Erections, Marathon Staying Power and How to Last Long formulas” all composed into one single eBook and 8 audio mp3 files.

The TIPS AND SECRETS revealed here are SAFE and 100% NATURAL
The really GREAT news is this…

They’ll work for any man – including you!

In fact, the truth is that these little-known, yet ultra-powerful techniques will arm you with the kind of sexual performance that’ll make any woman hopelessly addictedto you in bed...

And have her BEGGING you for sex day and night.

FACT: If You follow the How To Last Long In Bed program to the very end – You’ll Enjoy The Hardest, Longest-Lasting Erections of Your Life…

What else does this powerful eBook have in stock?
You’ll get to know…
·        How to have BIG HARD STRONGerectionS. The type you’ve always dreamed about.

·        How to condition your mind like a Pro during sex and control when you climax.

·        What to do if you should accidentally climax too soon again.

·        How to NATURALLY last longer than a BULL in bed to give your woman ORGASMS during sex

·        How to last up to 43 minutes or more without taking all those USELESS & HARMFUL pills and local bitters

·        Get the kind of lasting power that will make you go for many rounds

·        And how to get your woman WET, HORNY and addictedto you in bed by simply looking at your MONSTER erection

I know how bad and shameful it can be to have premature climaxes during sex.
I also know how good it feels when a woman tells you that you are so BIG & HARD.
I know how good it feels to last as long as you want and to let go only when you want to.
I know how good it feels to hear your woman tell you that “you’re the MAN!”

The solutions and TIPS I explained in the How to Last Long in Bed program will work for you as it has worked for other men too…

If it worked for these guys above and who had to share their testimonies with me, then it WILL work for you too.http://lashgator.com/testimonies-and-success-stories/ for more…

A FREE BONUS eBook too…
Along with getting the program, How to Last Long in Bed, I also went through the stress of adding another SUPERB eBook as a bonus for the first 23 buyers who purchase the How to Last Long in Bed program.

The free eBook, Massive Erection Juice Formula is one of a kind. It offers you a 100% natural formula for a juice anyone can make in less than 30 seconds at home.

Massive Erection Juice Formula REVEALS to you specific fruits, herbs and vegetables that I personally take to enhance not just my erections but give me INSTANT hard-ons anytime I want to…

Now, here are a couple of things to expect when you take this juice everyday using the formulas in the eBook:

·        Build overall health, wellness and boost your immune system (improving the quality of your daily life and potentially helping you to live longer)

·        Give you more ENERGY and increase your PRODUCTIVITY

·        Make your skin, hair and nails look incredible (something women notice and find incredibly attractive in a man. So if you want more sex – this is a very good thing)

·        Detox/Clean your Liver (particularly important if you drink Alcohol and eat processed food)

·        Gives you the ability to blow really huge thick ejaculates anytime you climax.

·        Increase your physical STRENGTH (helping you to become a more dominant lover – and making day-to-day tasks much easier and less stressful on your body)

And so much more.

Think about this…

Massive Erection Juice Formula(free) + 8 audio mp3 books(free) + How To Last Long in Bed will give you steel-hard erections, marathon staying power and massive loads…


All the non-sexual benefits listed above…

So, if you want a simple, proven plan that 177 men have tried out and confessed positively about to gain unstoppable lasting power, then you need to get the How To Last Long In Bed Program now.

Contact my sales manager Kenny on Whatsapp (09050047973) or call 08032133222 (8am – 6pm Mondays to Friday)

Most men have been to various hospitals and herbal homes. Have spent thousands of Naira on useless pills. Have gone for lots of test and still nothing.

I was in that same condition 3 ½ years ago. But I'm now better and I regret all the money I wasted.

The good thing about the TIPS I gave out is that they are totally 100% NATURAL. NO PILLS. NO SIDE EFFECTS. No matter your size or age.

Final note of WARNING…
When you make the wise choice to invest in How To Last Long In Bed today, my promise to you is very simple and clear…

Enjoy the program and juice formula for 30 days - following the instructions in the books.

Then, if you don’t get the hardest, longest-lasting erections of your life – simply notify me and I’ll refund you in FULL.

Every penny.

No questions asked.

But I know it will dramatically improve the quality of your erections (turning them into raging-hard, vein-bulging monsters – the kind of erections women love to feel THROBBING inside them)

The bad newsisthis:
·        I don’t sell to everybody as usual.
·        I don’t sell to people under 18 years.
·        Secondly,the free eBooks, free MP3s and price discount is ONLY available for the first 29 people who purchase the eBook.

As you know, I follow up people even after sales, so the lesser the better for me.

WhatsApp Kenny on 09050047973 or CALL 08032133222 now!

Remember bro, your relationship/marriage won't get better unless you take action. Those little sexual problems that you face in your life should not be ignored because it may be the cause of a major disaster in the future.

Take advantage of this offer and discount here while you have the chance to.

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