Saturday, 8 September 2018

“Puss Pockets of Pain” 9-21-15

This write up is credited to Kurtis Monson Adasi.Be inspired.
Published by Jerry, Ephraim on  8th September,2018.

“Puss Pockets of Pain” 9-21-15

So I just was talking to a friend of mine,
Whom I considered most dearly.
And then the convo turned to hearing voices,
The old pain became clear.

I remembered a time when I couldn’t hold onto my sanity,
Of days when I was so gone I had no vanity.
Scary how one little pill can give me back my humanity,
And still yet I take it to avoid mental calamity.
Maybe that’s why I turned to chemicals,
Call itself medication.
Maybe that’s why chemicals led me to recovery,
Now it’s self dedication.

You see, to give myself a chance I had to take the meds,
Blessed, now I can actually get out of mental prison beds,
And then the convo lit an explosion in my head,
So tear after tear came and many were shed.

I remembered a time when I couldn’t hold onto my friends,
Whom couldn’t chill with me because my mind needed to be cleansed.
Now when I look back, I unzoom my life’s scope lens,
And still yet I’ve not made all of my amends.

You see, to give myself a chance I had to stop using chemicals,
With peace and joy being the crux, the pinnacle.
Learning to be light hearted, and not so damn cynical.
WIth knowledge of what’s done behind doors clinical.

So I was just talking to a friend of mine,
Whom I’ll always hold most near.
And when I remember this puss pocket of pain,
That I cried in front of him with very little shame.

The pocket was opened up, and emotions fell out,
My mind was remembering a time when all the voices would shout.
Never again will I forget where I’ve came from, kinda came a long way.
Forever shall I try to help those mentally ill, for we can go astray.

Never again will I say never again, for that’s a heavy load,
Just knowing to myself what it feels like to wanna explode.
Many paths, many ways, yet I choose to take this road.
They all have the same destination, which time will decode

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