Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Photo: Man recounts how he and a friend were injured by Road Safety Officers in Minna, Niger State

Saddiq Dzukogi and his friend David were allegedly injured after some FRSC officers jumped on the okada that was conveying them home yesterday evening. He survived with minor injury but his friend's right arm was disclocated. (pictured on hospital bed) Below is what he wrote: 
"This is the story- The Officer's Name is HB Mohammed. We recently initiated a weekly writing clinic, for ourselves, at AMAB bookshop. Today was one of such days where we go there to read, write poetry and talk about the things happening around the writing world. 
I couldn’t drive my car today because of the fuel scarcity in Minna, so I took a bike to the rendezvous site. After spending hours there with David, we were drained and since there was power outage our computers couldn’t work beyond those hours we had stayed. 

It was time to go home, David was invited over to my place by my loving wife. She prepared Kunun Aya for David, it’s his favourite local drink. We boarded a tricycle. Few minutes to my home we encountered FRSC Officers, popularly known as Road Safety. One of the officers jumped on the tricycle without any warning. I was going all “calm down calm down” when he reached for the wheel and forced it right. The next thing I knew was we were tumbling on the highway. It was the people around that raised us from underneath the tricycle. The officers barely escaped a mob action. 

I survived with minor injuries but with severe body ache. I have been given medication and David has got a broken left arm. He is presently on admission at the Minna general Hospital.
Yeah and the so called offense was that the tricycle rider had four passengers instead of 3. Well I am not saying that the guy was right to do so, but here, all the tricycle riders carry four passengers. Now this is what I don’t understand, the officer did not ask this guy to pull over, didn’t give him the option of pulling over. The hulk man just thought it was convenient to use his muscle. This is a man who has sworn to keep the road safe. Quite baffling, it is ridiculous.
The rider has reported the case to the Police, I have laid a complaint at the FRSC office in Minna. And my friends at the Nigerian Television Authority, Minna are interested in this. So tomorrow is gonna be hectic, David got to do X-ray.
Thanks friends for all the calls and messages. We appreciate the love and concern. Poetry for life!"

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