Monday, 22 February 2016

The moves that got everyone closer this Valentine's Day!

The Valentine’s season may be over, but the game of attraction never ends. Closeup proves it’s neither your looks nor pick-up lines that matter. It’s actually all about acting on your desire to make that move! Want to know what bold moves paid off this Valentine’s? 

Get ready to plunge into the sea of boldness and let these 6-word stories from Closeup inspire you to level up your game next time! 


1.       Rain, two strangers one Umbrella #InLove
There is always an awkward silence between strangers under the same umbrella on a rainy day but Elizabeth Jibuike fell in love in this circumstance. Guess they seized the opportunity to get closer to each other despite the rainy day.

2.      Held the door, Got her attention
Ahhh- no woman can resist a perfect gentleman who makes her feel special by opening the door for her. It’s not inour culture for men to do this, but most men that do this will surely get the attention of any woman just like Rosemary Ben did.

3.       Best thing about me is you
Poetry is simply romantic and whether good or bad, women love it! Obi Jeremiah decided to use these words to qualify his heartthrob and how important she is to him.

4.      Came close,  sparks flew, Love happened
Suddenly you see him — or her — across the crowded room. This gorgeous individual is staring right at you, smiling seductively. You make contact with those smoldering eyes as you get closer…and that’s where it ends. This is how love happened for Wonuola,girls get scared of lightning sparks, but need the same when they fall in love.

5.       Pretended to fall, he pulled me up
Hmm… some men cannot stand seeing a beautiful girl hurt or looking vulnerable. For Kween Pasty, pretending to fall down was her own move to get closer to her crush and get his attention. Holding his hands and him lifting me up from the floor was a good opportunity to get close!

6.      I completed her sentence, we bonded
Couples in love often share the same interests, finish each other’s sentences, and laugh at the same jokes. That was the magic that happened to GstyleInnocentee as he bonded with the lady of his dreams.
7.       No more seats, I offered mine
A perfect gentleman, who forgets about himself and goes all out to give selflessly to his woman, can be a great turn on for some ladies. We admire how Promise Eze gave up his seat as a perfect gentleman to a lady. Any girl will think about it, relate it to her friends and probably want to be friends with such guy.

8.      Retweeted his tweets, got his attention
Retweets are the best methods to get another twitter user’s attention. Retweet someone once, they will notice you. Retweet them a few more times, they will remember you.  Iyere Racheal used this principle to get noticed by her crush. Awesome… mission accomplished!

9.      Slipped love note into her bag
Words they say have the ability to evoke emotions in other people. Also, writing a love note to a lady and slipping it into her bag can be considered as being romantic.  AdedotunTaiwo obviously seized the opportunity to make a move on his crush by doing this just to get closer; a lady will treasure such notes for a lifetime.

1   Culture threatened! Families frowned! We stood!
Cultural differences can be a barrier and can also put a strain in any relationship, but for UgwuChinaecherem. Against all family and cultural barriers, it only allowed their love life wax stronger. Wow… love they say, conquers all!

Things can’t stop at the first move though; you’ve got to keep moving to keep winning! With Closeup as your wingman, you can get even closer to that hottie for longer, with fresh breath lasting up to 12 hours. You never have to worry about maintaining your A-game ever again!

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