Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"How to Avoid Diabetic Complications! Complications can be avoided through good diabetes management.Long term diabetic complications are the result of one or more parts of your body becoming damaged as a result of diabetes. Long term complications can be prevented and research indicates that it is possible to minimize complications or avoid or prevent them altogether.

What are the main long term complications?The most common long term complications of diabetes include:
Heart disease - known as cardiovascular disease
Kidney damage - known as nephropathy
Eye damage - known as retinopathy
Nerve damage - known as neuropathy
Limb amputations - particularly lower leg amputations
How can I prevent these complications?
Spelt out clearly below are steps we can take to prevent, delay or minimize the effect of complications:
1. Keeping blood sugar under control
2 Getting regular physical activity
4 Eating a healthy diet
5. Attending all your diabetic reviews and screenings
6. Cutting down or avoiding smoking
7. Cutting down or avoiding alcohol
8. Nutritional Supplementation with GLUCOFIT.
This all natural diabetes cure has in it components that detoxify and relax your body. Lives are being transformed and people are getting their health back on track. The Supplements in the GLUCOFIT pack carry out the following functions in the body:
1.They rewire and stimulate the pancreas to produce and release more insulin.
2.They Inhibit the production and release of glucose from the liver.
3.They also Block the action of stomach enzymes that break down carbohydrates.
4.They Improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin
5.They Inhibit the reabsorption of glucose in the kidneys
6.They Slow down how quickly food moves through the stomach.
If you want to reverse diabetes quickly GLUCOFIT is your sure bet.
Using GLUCOFIT, People's high blood sugar have been proven to comedown with as much as 50% within 2 weeks. Click here

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