Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Woman claims she was sacked after she took three days off after a break up

A 24 year old single mum Katy Payne says she was sacked from her new job at DHL haulage depot in Ruddington, Notts for taking just three days off - because she broke up with her boyfriend. She said she was sacked for "unauthorised absences".
She, said:

"The odd time when my three-year-old has been ill I have had a day off but never anything more. "On the Monday I told my manager I needed to take a bit of time off because I had to sort my flat out as I broke up with my boyfriend and she seemed fine with it."
"Then when I got back in on the Thursday I was handed this letter and told to clear my desk with no other explanation than that," Katy said. "I was so upset because I have been trying to build a life for me and my child. I had worked hard for my promotion and was looking forward to a new challenge.
"I just did not see this coming because, I haven't even been given a chance to even start. "I feel so disappointed that it has come to this."
Since she lost her job, she has now had to moved back in with her mum with her son, Frankie.
She added:
"I'm applying for all sorts of jobs as I don't want to take Frankie out of childcare . I'm a hard worker and want to get back earning money.
"My ex-boyfriend has been hassling me so I needed those days to sort out my tenancy agreement, sell furniture and sort childcare.
"I wasn't just sitting around doing nothing. It was stuff I couldn't do during work hours.
"I'm meeting with my union on March 4 as I have appealed the decision.
"I can't see how they can offer me a promotion two weeks ago and now there's no job for me at all."
Her mum Jayne Payne, 44, who has been trying to help get her job back, said:
"She is absolutely devastated because she enjoyed her job and was really working hard. "She is now just frightened for the future and was not expecting this.
"What they have done is really unfair because everyone has family problems and I have even called them myself to try and find out what has happened."
A spokesman for DHL said:
"While we cannot comment on individual cases, we can confirm that DHL is an equal opportunities employer."

Source: Mirror UK

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