Saturday, 15 July 2017

All round truth

                                                         God's Love

By Ephraim E.J

I believed in God’s love. He loves all mankind. Even in the storms and roughest sea there is God.
That is why he can say peace be still, oh what a wonderful redeemer, savior   and friend.

When everything seems not to work as we planned, he is still in control, charge.

Build your mind to accept immediate condition and strive to move forward.
Life is faced with many faces; He is in control and understands it all. We will wrestle until we meet him face to face. There joy overflow.

Take a breath in and out exercises, cheer up yourself for the worst had not happened.

These are food for soul. An assurance is that we will make it big before life is over.
He(God) is in control of all things and conditions.

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