Monday, 13 August 2018



I have observed with care that poet contribute vastly to humanity, like a poet who had no bound, no rules to observe but, relay on God for inspiration for easy flow of write up. To me the holy book of religions are written by poet through inspiration from God.

Mankind derived much in these books that sacred, Scientist contributed in many ways but they create more additional problems to us, I guess is because they re-laid on theories and rules. They carry out their test to tell us what more sadness to our soul. Instead relaying on God for a solutions, they relay totally on their tests. Will these be ok for our happiness and longevity?

I am proud of poet for we depend on God for inspiration to write to the world. Today I write from inspiration even now, I see inspiration as a sure way of God talking with the spirit of man. I know less of metaphysic I writing as a poet for I am blessed to romance your soul. Many songs and works of inspiration, I mean positive inspiration have blessed the world so much, how then we boost as scientist.

Most great scientist have breakthrough records when they do beyond test and practical and replay on inspirations from God oh man know thyself. Great immeasurable wealth comes from inspiration and trying new things doing it in a different ways.
This piece is to re wake our consciousness about relaying on God to inspired while we take care of each message, idea, thought that we are given henceforth. For the world lost many good due to how we ignore God talking to us.

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Jerry, Ephraim

13th August, 2018.


  1. Thanks to God for his faucets of inspiration that us poets must harness and capture before the flow/faucets turn off.

    The science engaged the Left or Logical part of our brain. The creative Right brain does it's best to make beauty whenever and wherever possible.

    Thank God for both sides. I truly love art, science and Spirituality that isn't tainted with the indictrinations of the colorful and beautiful world religions. If I had to pick a religion and philosophy, it's Christianity and the Buddist lifestyle/practice.

    Keep writing Ephraim! Your thoughts are right on point.