Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Exercising Angels

I am eternally grateful to God for a gift to humanity like Kurtis Monson Adasi who this piece is credited to.

Published by Ephraim Jerry

"Exercising Angels"
1/6/16 Kurtis Monson © 2018

It seems I was being held back,
By a big a black smoke cloud.
My dreams were being held back
By expensive grams of hard & loud.

All my dreams got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot.
Nightmares got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot.
And loving you is a little different, whether I like it or not.
You're all that a I need baby girl and you're all that i've got.

What's this sunshine doing to me,
It seeps into my mind and it’s like a banshee.
When the moon goes down it activates my mind,
When the sun comes up I'm still awake cuz I never unwind.

It's been a slow ride, but it's goin’ by fast.
I almost graduated at the top tier of my class.
I got caught in the whirlwind off nasty addictions,
Now i'm on the rise and I got no restrictions.

The Lord saw it fit to give yet another chance,
That's why I don't even wanna get blazed in a trance.
The demons and the angels do their little dance,
In my aura, above my head, in utter romance.

I'm learning to live life free of illicit chemicals,
After I got back in my body they cut the spiritual umbilicals.
They were tied around my neck and were choking me out,
In a day in a lifetime either way I've gone a different route.

How do I make amends to the dead?
By choosing to live life and push them out of my head?
How do I make amends to the alive and kicking,
A living amends just won't do and yet time keeps ticking.

I seek the spiritual reawakening.
This dream is good but i'm done with taking.
I must give more than I get, so they say.
I will love more than I get, much to the demons' dismay.

I know God is real and so is our love,
You make realize we're infinite like the stars above.
This is a testament of how I feel right now,
Let's make this year the best, show each other how.

Take a minute, please take your time,
I’ve got nothing but ecstasy knowing you’re mine.
I want to look in your eyes and get lost in your head,
Never find my way out as I wake up next to you in bed.

This is the foundation laid for the rest of our lives,
This honest communication lacks dishonesty and lies.
If i get lost in your eyes, keep me close and don’t let me out,
It’s okay because we don’t fight and debate exposes doubt.

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