Thursday, 15 November 2018

My believe above all...Oh wonderful

My believe above all
We live in an age that is very fast –paced as well oftentimes chaotic and confusing. One hundred years ago, Cannot be compared to now, how time flies.
My believe above all, cut across all religion, culture, race and time. I believe in God, myself and PRAYERS. In this version of my letter to the world I will write briefly on Prayer and meditation.

The lastest Scientific discoveries have directly linked prayer and meditation to the reduction of heart disease and increase of emotional stability. Prayer is a way to identify with the sacred,divine,spiritual nature of ourselves and God  at the centre. In that moment we tell Him to take over for He created us to be here for an assignment for Him.

It is a moment of thanksgiving for the good in our Lives. Prayer is a time to put forth vision of how we would like our lives to be and affirm that we have what is necessary to realize that vision. Strength unexplained is infused in us after prayers. We overcome problems and we have the ability to look beyond based on the strength we beforehand were given. We romance our soul with prayers and thanksgiving.
A day without prayer for the spirit is like a day without food, life to the body.
Live each day expecting God to do something good for you, live and believe in miracles so you will see. 

Pray more. Be highly inspired.
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7th November, 2018.
Jerry, Ephraim