Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Order your weekly pot of soup, stew & more in bulk quantity from Jonah's Food today!

Hello Lagos people, Order your Favorite Pot of Nigerian Soup which includes: *Afang Soup, *EFo-Riro Soup, *Edikainkong Soup, *Ogbono Soup, *Banga Soup, *Egusi Soup and *Okro Soup Including your delicious: Pot of Croaker Fish Stew and Pot of Assorted Beef Stew You can also order for your: • Special Moi-Moi made with smoked Titus fish, Eggs and Large Crayfish (minimum of 10 quantity)..

• Extra Large Small Chops (minimum of 10 quantity), • Firewood Jollof Rice, • Special Coconut Rice, • Pot of Special Beans Porridge made with dry fish, mashed plantain and diced kpomo and many more.

Place your orders from our website at www.JonahsFood.com or call 07059569242.
Note: We deliver to most places in Lagos and food takes 3 hours to get ready. We are opened to take your orders from Monday – Saturday, 8am – 4pm.
Thank You for choosing Jonahs Food.   

View some of our dishes below

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